Age appropriate sessions

"Many can coach football, but just a few can teach football”
- Johan Cruyff

“Together We Grow” is our academy philosophy which symbolises everything we are about. There is no one individual more important than another. We all develop by helping each other and this is the greatest lesson we can implement as individuals, as an academy and as a community. Our players & teams’ development is all derived from players, coaches, parents and friends in the community all pulling together in the same direction. Likewise parents, coaches and community friends also grow alongside our players & teams “Together We Grow”.

We encourage our players to thinks and solve problems by themselves, helping them to grow up in smarter way.

Development of Psychomotor Activity

Coordination on and off the ball, Balance, Improving Technique, Movement, Reactions, Flexibility & Injury Prevention.

Development of Football Skills

Technique, Physical Condition, Tactics, psychology and Cognitive Development.

Focus on the Football Values

Respect, Teamwork, Effort, Positive Attitude, Controlling Emotions and it's more than just a football academy, we are a small family.