Together we grow

“Together we grow” is our academy philosophy which symbolises everything we are about. There is no individual more important than another. We all develop by helping each other and this is the greatest lesson we can implement as individuals, as an academy and as a community. Our players and team’s development is all derived from players , coaches and community friends also grow alongside our players and teams.

Mission and Vision of the academy

Our purpose is to create value driven players, centres of excellence in the country that help aspirant footballers in India realise their potential and be at par with the best football players. We aim at using the sport as a medium to train youngsters to become great footballers, well-rounded, focused individuals with a strong value system and most of all good human beings. We also want to create awareness among students and parents about the far-reaching, physical, mental, emotional and social benefits of playing a sport and enjoying a good game.

Values of the academy



We work together collaboratively to archive our strategy in a spirit of cooperation and support, valuing each others’ skills and contributions.


We work together Respect Coaches, respect your teammates, Respect your opponents’ irrespective of culture, race or gender.



We encourage players to enjoy training and playing. We use football to promote a healthy lifestyle and build life skills.



Strong discipline underpins our sport, we obey the laws of the gamewhich ensure an inclusive and exciting global game.

YFI Scholarship program

Giving it back to the community

Scholarship program is mainly focused on children from underprivileged backgrounds which aids in their development as they learn new techniques and life skills through football discipline, teamwork, communication and commitment. We believe in giving opportunities to children from a less fortunate upbringing, enables them to express themselves through football and provides the chance to engage with other communities.

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