Coaching Philosophy

“A good coach improves your game.
A great coach improves your life.”

Success Stories

Sahil Kumar

Hard work delivers success : Sahil’s success is based on his hard work and commitment. He was a member of our scholarship program for four seasons and now represents the Chennaiyin FC, B team.


Delhi to Manchester: Zoma was selected in trials hosted by Manchester United in Delhi, earning him a chance to train for two weeks under the supervision of coaches at Old Trafford. He currently represents Sudeva FC in the I-League.

Age appropriate training


Development of psycho-motor activity

Coordination on and off the ball, balance, improving technique, movement, reactions, flexibility & injury prevention.

Development of Football skills

Technique, physical condition, tactical ability, psychology and cognitive development.


Focus on life skills

Respect, teamwork, responsibility, putting in effort, positive attitude, controlling emotions and it's more than just a football academy, we are a footballing family.


Inclusion and increased participation

Promoting the benefits of sports and activity from a physical, mental and social viewpoint for all participants of all ages and abilities.

Coaching Methadology

Coaching methodology is a system of practice and procedures that a coach uses to teach football. The training sessions undertaken by our coaches will be taught under our curriculum based on the principles of our methodology. The training sessions will be based on the principles of technique, decision making, tactic and strategy.


Improving technical abilities and skills.

Decision making

Decision making is an important aspect, we work on awareness around them in the field.


Understanding and executing the system of play i.e. what is expected from each player, team transition, etc.